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Due to the numbers of entries INTERRA WINNER SHOW without judge reports.


Dogs by Judges: 

  • Sean Delmar: 115 

  • Torsten Himmrich: 149 

  • Peter Lauber: 126 

  • Bojan Matakovic: 111 

  • Kimmo Mustonen: 122 

  • Cristinan Stefanescu: 110 

It will be a very busy day!!!

Further details (floor plan, rIng number, order of judgement)

follow the LINK

Screenshot 2023-08-08 105434.png


INTERRA Winner Show awarding the titles:

  • "INTERRA Winner" for dogs and bitches (with CAC) out of Intermediat, Open, Working, Champion Class

  • "INTERRA Junior Winner" for dogs and bitches (with J-CAC)

  • "INTERRA Veteran Winner" for dogs and bitches (with V-CAC)

  • "INTERRA Puppy Winner" for dogs and bitches (with VP)

  • "INTERRA Promise" for dogs and bitches in minor puppy class (with VP)

  • BOB /BOS: out of above INTERRA Winner, INTERRA Junior Winner, INTERRA Veteran Winner


Additional allocation of CAC from the Swiss Kennel Club (SKG):

  • Junior-CAC (for Swiss Youth Beauty Champion)

  • Veteran-CAC (for Swiss Veteran Beauty Champion)

  • CAC in all classes (for Swiss Beauty Champion or Swiss Show Champion)

With your registration you commit yourself to the following code of honour:

  • “I am committed to treating my dog ​​fairly and correctly, refraining from cruelty to animals and methods that are not animal-friendly, and I do not use any prohibited aids. The health and welfare of the dog is the top priority.”

Animal Welfare Ordinance Art. 73 Para. 2

  • Pull collars without a stop are forbidden!

Swiss Kennel Club (SKG) rules and regulations;

  1. The exhibition is carried out according to the rules of the AB/AR of the SKG. These can be downloaded here.

  2. CAC and Res CAC are awarded according to the rules of the SKG.

  3. After registration, the exhibitor will be informed whether his dog(s) is (are) accepted.

  4. Classes and age limits: is specified by the registration system.

  5. With the registration, the animal owner declares that he knows the show rules of the SKG.

  6. It is not possible to enter the same dog in several classes.


Homologation of the title «Swiss Beauty Champion»

4 CAC are required, including at least 2 CACs from international shows, awarded by 3 different judges. With a time limit (11 months 1 day). The title entitles to start in the champion class.

Homologation of the title «Swiss Youth Beauty Champion»

3 youth CAC or 2 youth CAC and one CAC from the intermediate class awarded by at least 2 different judges. At least 1 CAC from an international show.

Homologation of the title «Swiss Veteran Beauty Champion»

3 veteran CAC from at least 2 different judges. At least 1 CAC from an international show.

Homologation of the title «Swiss Show Champion»

3 V1 CAC are required (from January 1st, 2016), of which at least 2 V1 CAC from international shows, awarded by 3 different judges. Without time limit, Reserve CAC will not be recognized. The title entitles to start in the champion





Dogs with docked tails and/or ears may not be exhibited in Switzerland.

Muzzle (I'm very sorry for this)

Dogs required to wear a muzzle must wear a basket type muzzle

  • American Staffordshire Terriers (in the Terrier group) >>> more


For the listed breed, the leash and muzzle are obligatory as soon as they leave the box (which is considerate as "domiciles") and/or the show ring.

This law applies everywhere in the county of Geneva as soon as you leave your place of residence (hotel room, camper, caravan, etc.). 


Anyone who does not comply with these guidelines will be excluded from entering the exhibition.



The muzzle and leash obligation for American Staffordshire Terrier applies also in France >>> more


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